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Custom Lanyards
Nylon Lanyards Nylon Lanyards

As low as AUD0.560

Hard wearing and long lasting, nylon lanyards are perfect for carrying bulky items such as a set of keys, mobile phones or water bottles.
Polyester Lanyards Polyester Lanyards

As low as AUD0.560

Polyester Printed Lanyards are affordable, have a low minimum and are the most popular type of lanyard that we produce.
Tube lanyards Tubular Lanyards

As low as AUD0.780

Tubular lanyards are made from loosely stitched polyester, formed into a tube and folded at the end.
Full Colour Printed Lanyard Full Colour Printed Lanyard

As low as AUD1.400

Full Color lanyards are similar to the polyester lanyards but printing is done through heat transfer process and supports multiple print colors.
Woven Lanyard Woven Lanyard

As low as AUD0.870

Woven Lanyards are made from the same material as our Polyester Printed Lanyards.
Neoprene Lanyards Neoprene Lanyards Neoprene Lanyards

As low as AUD0.715

Blank Lanyards Blank Lanyards Blank Lanyards

As low as AUD0.56

Badge Reels Badge Reels Badge Reels

As low as AUD0.280

Cord Lanyards Cord Lanyards

As low as AUD1.40

Attach ID cards or keys using the metal swivel hook.
Badge Holder Badge Holder

As low as AUD1.40

Lanyards Accessories.
Reusable Custom Mask Reusable Custom Mask

As low as AUD3.50

Reusable Custom Mask